Powerful Healing Journeys Through the Arts and The Military Experience, by Scott Lee

In “PTSD: A Soldier’s Perspective” Scott Lee writes, “I’m still overwhelmed with life and struggling with the basics, but after attending The Military Experience and Arts Symposium I have been able to divert my anxieties into creative projects. I started another rewrite of my combat narratives, flirting with the idea of submitting it to the Journal of Military Experience.” Read more about his journey by clicking on the Coalition of Combat PTSD Bloggers below:

MEA Symposium Gives Veterans ‘Creative Therapy’ by Andrew Romey

The American Legion first reported on The Journal of Military Experience just over a year ago. At that time, the JME was confined to a single veteran cohort course at Eastern Kentucky University. Now, the JME is a part of Military Experience and the Arts and contributors from throughout the country receive the same kind of one-on-one assistance that those first contributors received in their course online. American Legion Magazine’s Andy Romey covered the first JME‘s release and he’s back to discuss the second’s release as a part of the Military Experience and the Arts Symposium.

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