The Glass by Beauregard Storm

Poet Beauregard Storm started writing and rhyming as a part of art therapy. As a Veteran, he would like to share this piece with those who have PTSD and tell them this: “Never give up the fight to find yourself again. Never let anyone take away your pride in your service.”

This is a powerful piece of writing; we feel honored to share it with you.

The Glass by Beauregard Storm

Three times I was asked the age old question

Was the glass half full or half empty

Always afraid of a trick, I could not make sense of the axiom

The possibility of either did make me think a plenty

One day, two friends came over for drinks and filled theirs to the brim

I took my own glass, curiously looked, and filled mine halfway

Not to boast, but asked for a toast, and let out a grin

I asked them the same question, each one, to let them say

Both were concerned for me and afraid of my mental disorder

I drank, drained the glass, and washed it in the sink

I finally had made myself think it through in logical order

I saw it as both, neither, and a tool from with which to drink

I saw optimism as always being naive and ‘exactly’ half full

I saw pessimism as always being ‘exactly’ half empty and no fun

I saw realism as the glass is just a glass with the question void and null

Opportunism is all three combined and my answer is done.

It is only because of freedom bought by our veterans that we may not have known

That we get to own, keep, share, and drink from such a thing as our own glass

I have also stood the watch for 20 years – even though I did not make it on my own

So I reserve the right to use the glass that I bought with my shares, to drink, share, and or smash

My glass again sat upon my shelf

I drank from it all alone

I washed it all by myself

Because it is mine to own