What Those Affected by PTSD Want You To Know by V. J. Cruse

On 23 October, we posted this discussion question on our Facebook page:

“If you could tell others one thing about PTSD, what would it be?”

The responses from our members were poignant, honest and some of the more instructive writing on the subject we have ever read.  We hope you will take the opportunity to add to the conversation here and pass this along to others.

Be inspired today, and take note – this is what those affected by PTSD want you to know:

“If you could tell others one thing about PTSD, what would it be?”

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Jennifer Norris – Just accept that I have it, don’t question it, and no I don’t want to talk about it. 23 October at 10:01

PW Covington – IT. IS. REAL. 23 October at 10:01

Rebecca Simpson Arnold – If you are the spouse or loved one of someone this is diagnosed then learn to be patient, accepting as they are going through hell! 23 October at 10:05 via mobile

Bruce Whitey Knight – Alcohol and drugs don’t help. They just heighten the senses and create anger 23 October at 10:06 via mobile

Joanne Lopez – I’m not sure one thing could say it…. Hmm IT ROBS ThEIR SPIRIT 23 October at 10:06 via mobile

Lori Westedt Enghusen – Some days are bad days and makes it hard to do daily tasks let alone focus on my work. PTSD is nightmare we live each day and it is NOT an excuse for not doing tasks! I’ve actually had people tell me I enjoy my PTSD and I use it as n excuse. Really if you think its that enjoyable I would gladly trade places with you! 23 October at 10:07 via mobile

Lisa Lyon – Taking a deep breath, I know that I am safe in the present moment. 23 October at 10:07 via mobile

Onager Daywalker – You just push through it and hopefully it goes away eventually. 23 October at 10:08 via mobile

Russ Stover – Don’t believe what you see!!! 23 October at 10:09 via mobile

Trauma Relief International – PTSD isn’t about what’s wrong with you. It’s about what happened to you. 23 October at 10:10

Madeleine Whitburn – Don’t be afraid to talk to someone we are ready to listen love you all 23 October at 10:10 via mobile

Jessica June Patience- …it’s not about you 23 October at 10:12 via mobile

NookieLee Green – it sneaks up on you 23 October at 10:17

Melissa Flaherty – Same as Jessica June – ”Patience…it’s not about you” 23 October at 10:18

Melissa Flaherty – I too wish I could do as you suggest, and pull myself together and get over it. 23 October at 10:19 ·

Demetrius Sellers – I wish I get my life back..the old me. 23 October at 10:20

Glenda Morris – You are not the only one… 23 October at 10:27

PTS Treatment – PTS is long-term issue lasting a minimum of 10 years. The only affect way to treat it is with an Alternative Specialist using Integrative Trauma Care for the veteran and entire family! 23 October at 10:30

Brian Zmf Anderson – Stop telling me, “You did what you had to do to survive.” as if that is a magic phrase that will make everything ok. 23 October at 10:32

Lee Alderson – I never knew why I was a different person, or why I acted different, even 25 years later, until I was no longer able to the suppress the feelings, and finally got help. 23 October at 10:44 via mobile

Kevin McGreanor – PTSD is a wound though it may not be visable it takes a huge toll on someone. I myself suffer from PTSD and it is a very bumping road…the best piece of advice i can give you is there is someone that is willing to help out. whether it may be you wife, kids, doctor, mom, dad some one is always there for you to help. 23 October at 10:47 ·

Corrinne Gibbs – to get the help they need.. keep friends and family close.. my brother did 2 tours in iraq and afghanistan and was definitely not the same person whrn he came home )o: a hospital pushed him aside and i lost him to suicide later that night.. even though some of these men and women are trying for the help.. some places just dont understand or take it serious enough 23 October at 10:56 via mobile

John L High – PTSD , for me, sometimes seems as if it’s in remission — but it returns. 23 October at 10:57 via mobile

Lizzie Braswell Bacon – It is real. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. 23 October at 11:04 via mobile

D Lewbaby Lewis – It will destroy your life if you let it. 23 October at 11:07 via mobile ·

Angela Light Ross – It changes your responses and limitations, not your convictions and values. 23 October at 11:11

Bob McCuaig – I get really annoyed with people telling me “just work through it”. I am. 23 October at 11:11

Kimberly Jean Harden – TALK about IT 23 October at 11:24 via mobile ·

Divita Elliott – That it is an illness and will take time to heal. People with PTSD need support and understanding. They can’t help how they feel or react. We, as supporters, should be patient and not react to their actions (symptons) by belittling them or pushing them. Become knowledgable about PTSD and find help. It takes love, patience and understanding to help those suffering from PTSD. 23 October at 11:29 via mobile

Courtney Williams – Each persons experience is unique, and they are the expert on what they need. Talk to them. 23 October at 11:31 ·

Isaac Arroyo – PTSD is with me now and will not go away. But through my treatment and hard work, it’s not what defines me and a Veteran or a Man. 23 October at 11:56 via mobile

Nyla Griffith – It’s the worst thing that ever happened to me or my family. 23 October at 12:02

Angels for Ike – My ex-husband has it and it wrecked our marriage but I still till this day stick by him. He’s now one of my bestfriends. It’s an ugly wound that can’t be seen but if you’re on the receiving end from someone who has it, it can be really scary. I ask him and ask him to get help and he did and I am so thankful. He is one of the reasons I took on Angels for Ike. I met Ike years back and saw his story and was like this could have been my ex, something needs to be done. Either way PTSD is no joke and all Vets deserve the best treatment we can give for giving us all they could give in war. 23 October at 13:12 ·

Chanelle Khrisette Badgett – My father has it and It’s hard to live with at times. 23 October at 14:22

David W. Sisco – Not fun !! 23 October at 14:29

Cynthia Hildenbrandt – Please don’t leave me. I’m still here somewhere inside this shell of PTSD hell. I will get better. I always do. Just don’t leave me. 23 October at 14:34

Reba Verrall – 2 yrs of treatment & some marked improvement does NOT equal: “you should be pretty much all better by now” 23 October at 15:02 via mobile

Margaret C Gayton – Dont take it personal 23 October at 16:28

Kelley Macek – You’re not a freak, nor are you a bad person because you get mad sometimes. 23 October at 16:58

Steve Lowe – It has taken me a long time to know that I have had it a long time. 23 October at 18:33

Jana Lutovsky – a good friend with a good ear can help you but there are good people with good training who can help you thru, and a great Savior with strong shoulders will never let you down. ever. 23 October at 20:19

Terri True Awakening Harris – Learn to accept because I find not accepting makes it harder to deal with and you begin to make that struggle much more greater. By accepting it leaves your heart and mind open to find more positive and effective solutions to deal with it. It also drives you to recreate a relationship with your self because you become more aware of what is triggering you and how you are affecting the people who are around you. 23 October at 23:10 via mobile

Chad Copass – I’ve battle with ptsd since I was a child I had a traumatic childhood and teenage years but kept it in the closet with a lot of drugs and alcohol when I was deployed it all came out like a freaking time bomb all at once when I came home I threatened to kill my wife my kids I finally got what you call help a hand full of meds and a kick in the ass. Three years later I’m still the same numb to my kids the wife hates me. But yet ppl tell me to get over it drive on or it a crutch man f those ppl I wish for a day they could feel our pain and maybe then they would realize its killing me from the inside it already tool my soul what’s next 24 October at 03:49 via mobile

Jack Moran – PTSD is like a virus. It infects you. It infects your kids, your friends, your family. It slowly eats away at your stability, your sleep, your ability to be happy. It makes you see danger everywhere. It chains you to your house. It chips away at your s…See More 24 October at 23:41 via mobile

Susan Applegate – Prepare to follow me as I have done the research & development for the job of the future. The employer will hire the PTSD at short hours to become at least a tax payer, likewise the PTSD can educate after being educated at a more suitable rate of high pay for short hours. I’d say write the President, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, 20500-0001 Thursday at 09:39

Melanie Marie – I am listening. Thank you for sharing and educating the rest of us. 15 minutes ago via mobile

We are all listening.  Thank you for allowing us to share this beyond our Facebook group so that we can educate others.