Veteran Artist Tif Holmes Featured in New Juried Exhibition

Tif Holmes, a contributor to the second Journal of Military Experience and the cover artist of the upcoming Blue Falcon: A Journal of Military Fiction, is making headlines again. She had this to say about the inclusion of her work in a new exhibition:

Illuminance is a competitive juried exhibition that is open to artists nationwide using photographic processes as their media. This year’s theme is Experiencing Place: 

 There are certain places for all of us that go beyond the mundane. Many are very personal – the home where we grew up or the backyard fort that was home base for many an imaginary adventure. Other places are collectively special – the monuments of our nation’s capital, or exotic places we travel to, seeking refuge or discovery. What does it feel like to be in this place? Can you create an image that is emotional, atmospheric, that conveys your feelings about this special place? What makes it magical? Extraordinary?

The image I submitted is entitled “Transcendence.” It was taken during a theatrical show celebrating Anglo-Celtic and African American dance in The New World. The cast and musicians are all students who are active in the Vernacular Music Center at Texas Tech University, and I know most of them personally. It was exciting for me to photograph the rehearsals and the shows and to watch these individuals step into the roles they played and transport everyone around them to another place and time–one filled with story-telling, dancing, singing, and community. I remember going through the images at the end of one particular show and this one really stood out. It was clear to me that Emily, the dancer in the photograph, was not thinking about anything else in the world at that moment when the photograph was taken. She was dancing, she was free, she was happy. She had transcended the limitations of the physical world, and the dance was her vehicle. This, to me, is the perfect illustration of experiencing a magical, extraordinary place and sharing it with others.

 “Transcendence,” by Tif Holmes


The exhibit runs from June 25 – August 10, 2013 at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, Texas. 

Tif Holmes is a photographer, writer, musician, educator, and former Soldier, among other things. Her work can be found online at or on Facebook at