Flashes of War by Katey Schultz

I’d like to share an excellent book. Katey Schultz’s 2013 Flashes of War a collection of 31 fiction short stories offering multiple perspectives to the Middle Eastern conflicts of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I found this book to offer an accessible “insider” view of common military experiences. Take for example the piece “MREs”; in MREs Schultz writing style embodies the humor of military-service personnel though she personally has no military experience. The lingo and humor of pieces like MREs and others in her collection provide an insiders view for outsiders like me (a lowly civilian).

Flashes of War is an excellent collection for those that teach war literature in that it is funny, touching, engaging, intelligent, and highly accessible to the insider world of the “military experience.”

I highly recommend it. Read and enjoy. Oh, and let me know what you think when you’re done!

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