MEA Partners With Serve the Warrior

Military Experience and the Arts has forged an information-sharing partnership with the likeminded organization “Serve the Warrior,” a national all-volunteer run nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles.

Learn more about Serve the Warrior at
Learn more about Serve the Warrior at

Serve the Warrior’s mission is “to create community spaces that support healing and provide therapeutic tools to defend against the invisible wounds that American Veterans bring home from war.”

Their focus isn’t just on wounds. They deal primarily with “healing and wellness themed programming and events that encompasses both traditional and nontraditional healing modalities. STW programs are offered virtually, locally, and nationally including a nonpartisan, national, annual retreat that expands across the country with programming specifically catered to each community.” As an organization that prides itself on taking the healing power of the creative arts to the masses, we’ve heard from countless veterans about how thinking outside the box can often be the first step in the healing journey. Serve the Warrior seems to share that idea and we are happy to partner with them.

The Flying Guinea PigStarting next week, will run a three part series from Serve the Warrior’s blog, “The Flying Guinea Pig.”

The series, entitled “Giving and Taking” and authored by Robert Tanner, is a story of one Marine’s use of yoga to overcome the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress that followed him home from the Iraq War. Part One focuses upon the return home, part two upon the author’s introduction to meditation, and part three concludes the series with an objective evaluation of the experience.

Tanner is one of several”Guinea Pigs” who contributes to the blog regularly, seeking out unique forms of healing and reporting back on them. Serve the Warrior hopes that veterans curious about alternative approaches to healing will use the perspectives found in The Flying Guinea Pig to decide for themselves what to try and what not to try.

Stay tuned to our website for the first part of Tanner’s “Giving and Taking.” In the meantime, learn more about Serve the Warrior by clicking here.