Spotlight: Clayton D. Murwin

Once more, Clayton Murwin offers his artistic talent to The Journal of Military Experience providing powerful illustrations to accompany the 18 pieces of writing in the upcoming volume. Clayton, a self-proclaimed “comic book freak,” chooses to use his talents to give back to those who serve.

“If a member of the military is willing to put their life on the line for me, someone they don’t know, the least I can do is what I do. What I am trying to do is write a check for a debt that can never be repaid.” Murwin explained in an interview. Founding Heroes Fallen Studios was one step toward this ambitious goal and a step that put him in contact with Military Experience and the Arts’ president who invited Clayton to create the illustrations for JME 2, to present a graphic novel workshop at the MEA Symposium, and once again to illustrate JME 3.


Clayton has a deep respect for the military and our veterans. This respect is apparent throughout his work. His illustrations show an understanding of the military experience not often seen by civilians. He planned to serve his country, but a medical condition kept him from the opportunity. Now, capturing in illustrations the sketches of fallen heroes, the stories of veterans offers Clayton the chance to give back. “I put a lot of myself into this. I don’t do it for fame or money,” he says of his work capturing the essence of the military experience. “Sometimes, those drawings get quite emotional, and I have to take a step back.”

Currently, Clayton is taking his illustration work to a new level as part of a collaborative effort to see 2 volumes of stories and illustrations about the Korean War reach publication. The volumes, formed from interviews conducted by MEA’s Scott Lee (Veterans’ PTSD Project) were slated for publication through the Department of Defense to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Korean War; however, the recent government shutdown stopped the project. Clayton worked to have the rights to the works returned to Heroes Fallen Studios, and now is working to raise $2500 through the project’s Kickstarter campaign to publish the two volumes. The entire $2500 must be raised by 12pm November 16th, or all pledges are lost and a new method of funding must be found.

Be certain to look at Clayton’s breathtaking artwork in the Journal of Military Experience 3 released tomorrow. Check out his work at Heroes Fallen Studios, and if you can, make a pledge to help see the Korean War 60th Anniversary Commemorative Graphic Novels reach publication. As Clayton says, “these are all stories that need to be told, not forgotten.”

Works by Clayton D. Murwin featured in the JME’s third volume:

Above And Beyond


Engine Trouble

Highway to Hell

VA Hospital