by Tony Craidon

(“Unstoppable” mobile version)

Like a Juggernaut:
I’m goal driven, it’s how I’m living, and nothing is given
I’ll blast through what’s in my way
I’m in pursuit, it’s from my roots, and nothing is moot
I can’t hear ’em, what they say

Shoulders are locked, ready to push forward
When I throw my poetry, I have no border
Chasing my dreams, I’m sprinting ahead
I’m unstoppable when my optimism spreads

Like Balboa,
I’ll put in the reps, climb the steps, my promise is kept
I’ll fight for that golden belt
I’m going the distance, with no assistance, through resistance
To be the next Roosevelt

Happiness is driven, and I always redline
No bottom gear, not working a deadline
Bring all your fury, I’ll never be fazed
I’m unstoppable when I inspire your praise

Like Vanilla
I’ll be a felon, always selling, but never yelling
Chump’s been waxed on holiday
I write what I’m feeling, never appealing to that glass ceiling
We all know the kid don’t play

Mental sledgehammers, my armory’s insane
Obstacles become memories, opposing the pain
I have stories to tell, so sit down and listen
I’m unstoppable, there’ll be no division

Like Genesis
Was just the beginning, these tales I’ve been spinning is how I am winning
And I say let there be light
Don’t focus on destruction, follow my instruction, feed my seduction
Trade it all for love tonight

So come and get me, I remain ready
Determination is in my blood, rock steady
Let nostalgia go, focus on the present
I’m unstoppable, never malcontent

Like Poltergeist
I’ll fake it ’til I make it, I’ll take it when you forsake it
Cherish the moment at hand
Double the moment for my enjoyment without conformant
I won’t let go until you understand

Call me diverse, the Gods know me by name
Apollo brings the sun, Frey brings the rain
I have no magic, you can do the same
Be unstoppable, and you’ll never again complain