“We Rise”

by Rachel Waldo

(“We Rise” mobile version)

Lost are the failures of yesterday,
The sleepless nights we laid in our beds unworthy and worthless,
Reflecting on a life that never seemed to be enough,
Mere caterpillars tucked away in our larva,
Forgotten in a crumbling world,
We just existed.
Pretending we didn’t hurt,
Like We never cried,
Or had to utter words of goodbye.
But just as the weather changes without warning,
And the tides rise,
Someone found us,
Plucking us from our homes like a stone from the beach side,
Each of us placed together,
An incubator of sorts,
Our afflictions overlooked,
Our imperfections shelved,
We were given a chance,
Each day nurtured,
Patient as we struggled,
Sympathetic of our bruises and scars,
Life was being breathed into us,
Whether we knew it or not,
We were Rising,
We had become a family,
And today as the sun begins to rise,
It’s gentle rays glimmering on a site none of us could of dreamed,
We had emerged,
Risen and full of life,
A site truly heaven made…
25 Butterflies,
Not a caterpillar in sight,
Beautiful and alive,
Full of hope and new dreams,
Against all odds,
Against those who said we never could,
We Rise,
We take flight,
We start our new journey,
We begin to truly live…