“I’m Crying…Viet Nam

by Billy Aylor

I’m crying for those who didn’t come back-
And for us that did.
I’m crying for the ones that fought–
And yes—for the ones that hid.
I’m crying because I’m happy—
And also because I’m sad.
I’m crying for the youth-that’s gone—
And for all the fear we had.
I’m crying for what we had to do—
And for the price it cost.
I’m crying for the things we saw—
For the innocence we lost.
I’m crying for the way you treated us—
The ones that made it home.
I’m crying for your rejection—
That left us all……alone.
I’m crying because I’m sorry—
And also because I’m not—
I’m crying because I’m thankful-—
For the reasons that we fought.