“In an Abbey”

by John Thampi

In an abbey full of soldiers,
you are a blood rose

in a cafe of poets,
I rifle black prose

in a garden of fences,
have you found a way in?

As the flocks of diamond geese
call Sky to descend

in site of helmeted laborers, I rest
to build deferred

on the narrowing ladder, you stretch
and forge a wide

in a nation of terrorists
refined like fine sugar

we are pure turncoats
filling up other

We are some measure
an allegiance of some measure

crowding together
We reside in a Sea of some measure

it was different when We were the Ground,
when our movements were Quake,

when as skirmishers as scavengers
as pioneers We had land to stake.

But now in the mountain valley
I watch you shape the Gray

in the mist of the woods
you call out a true Name

in this age of twin horses
& memorials of memorials

I have found the ash covered tree
You, the form of Cassandra

residing in a city of foxes
both Manifest & Destiny.

In a House of bewitching spirits,
I Am Who I Am

in land of false springs
you remain my true vine.

I am the end to the beginning
You, the sun when there are no more stars

Together We shall sing
the song of the black thorned