“Remembering Those Who Served in World War II”

by Barry Bayon

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– for my father, Harry Bayon, Technical Sergeant, Army Air Corps

For the generation of men and women
Who fought in World War II,
It was the appropriate thing to do.
Their decision was not questioned.

Their collective experiences were extensive.
Many cannot, and do not, speak of it.
My father’s experiences are known
Only through photographs brought home.

Many survivors felt guilty
They had been spared death.
They came home to heal, but some would
Die of wounds, physical and mental.

Resting under white crosses in grassy fields,
At sea, in remote battlefields, at crash sites,
Lie those who did not come home.
We remember their gift of freedom.

Their stories give context to our history
Teach us about service, sacrifice,
Honor, heroism, courage and duty.
We are the grateful beneficiaries.

May our annual honoring reflections
Move us as a people to a place of solace,
A place of hope for a future
Without war, the world at peace.