As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 12

Spring 2020 | ISSN: 2374-3816


Frank’s Place” by Timothy Sever 

Veteran” by Katherine Hunter 

Spotlighting” by Jason Arment 

The Sousa Tattoo” by George Latimer 

Allied” by C.D. Stocker 

Transcendence” by Jerry Wade

The Last Taps” by Nancy Coombs 

Ghanima” by Warren Stoddard II

Something’s Missing” by Warren Stoddard II

Savage” by Laine Cunningham

The Concert” by Matt Hardman  

The Raid” by Leo Farley 

Switzerland” by Leland Woodson 



A Port in a Storm” by Steven Miller 

Night Jump over Pineland” by William Gritzbaugh

Return to the Wall” by Mick Hayden

The Grinder, 1963” by Robert Andersen

General – Under Honorable Conditions” by Jason Schiren

9-11 Wake” by Tara Coughlin

Investigate Away” by Jack E. Riggs 


Metamorphous” by Melinda Canny

Aerospace Ground Equipment (A.G.E.)” by Lucas Shepherd

These Little Hands” by Shahna Glover

The World of Boys” by Bob Laine

Immortals” by William Conelly

Raqqa Suddenly Becomes Holy” by Christine O’Leary Rockey

My Boy” by Jane Galin

Warrior Soldier” by Joel Matulich

Discriminating Tastes” by Cindy McDermott

 “Memorial Day” by Donna Isaac

Thank You for Your Service” by Michael H. Levin

Medical Tent” by Carol Dine

Know Greater Love” by Anthony Pichoff

Oh Iraq” by Sara Myers

Ithaca” by John Midkiff

What Follows” by Elizabeth Kane

A Song of Warfare” by Edmund Jonah

For the Few” by Jeremy Gadd

Reading ‘A Farewell to Arms’ on Easter Sunday” by Nicole Yurcaba

The Other One Percent” by Gloria Heffernan

The Pinning of the Badge” by Michael Foran

My Drill Instructor” by Charles Harmon

Hoarded Tears” by Boomer Anderson

Portraits by the Piano, 1961” by Linda Kennedy

Elegy: for my Soldier Father” by Cordelia Hanneman

A Life After War”“by Sharon Baier

what were we” by Matthew Nolan

Open Wound” by Gerald Arthur Moore

Passage in a Time of War” by Jonathan Latimer


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David Ervin

Managing Editor – Fiction
Daniel Buckman

Managing Editor – Nonfiction
Brian Mockenhaupt

Poetry Editor
Randy Brown

Associate Editors
Sarah Maples
Tammy Ortung


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