“A Song of Warfare”

by Edmund Jonah

We have fought for king and country,
We have heard the bullets zing,
We have sung the song of warfare,
Who is next, who’s queued to sing?

We have seen our friends being shattered,
Their bones and gore but litter.
All those voices praising courage
Just make us more the bitter.

Now a new and brutal warfare,
Seeks to slay both weak and small;
“This is just,” – this evil terror –
Is the new muezzins’ call.

They demand we bow to their ways
And to lead the lives they lead;
And all those who slight their Allah
Must prepare themselves to bleed.

Vicious hate still thrives among us,
Breeding Cains both far and wide.
How to stop this self-destruction?
How to stem the flowing tide?

Why does man not live and let live
Is question yet we ponder.
Why it’s always war and slaughter?
World Peace hides way out yonder.