“Know Greater Love”

by Anthony Pichoff

(“Know Greater Love” mobile version)

I taught the kids in Sunday school

Why we celebrate Memorial Day.

How it came to be from a disparate

Holiday called Decoration Day

When family members of fallen

Civil War soldiers, Union and Confederate,

Took time to remember their soldiers’

Sacrifice and honor with their reverence;

Decorating their graves-

This nation binding hallowed ground-

With flags and flowers

Nationwide, proud and profound.

Celebrating with different days until World War

United our nation in mourning

And incorporated our fallen from every war.

We connected them to scripture, John 15:13-

No greater love hath a man

Than would lay down his life for his friend.

A Soldier is a godly man,

Or woman as the case may be,

For those who’ve fallen in battle laid down their lives

For their Buddies, our nation,

Our way of life…

I taught them this because they need to know

That their freedom is not free.

Our Soldiers, just like Jesus on the cross,

They all died for you and me.