As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 13

Autumn 2020 | ISSN: 2374-3816



Twelve Human Spleens” by Khanh Ha

How to Keep a Secret” by Ash Bittner

The Last Time” by Rick Turton

The Arcade” by Justin K.B.

A Sentinel’s Twenty-One Steps” by Devin Vandriel

Dreamtime” by Mick Hayden

Pleasure Barges” by Corey Schultz 

Final Respects” by Ellen E. Kazimer 


On Death: A Seventy-Seven Year Perspective” by Dennis Maulsby

Twenty-One Guns, a Trumpet, and a Fistful of Roses” by Anthony Ventre

Duty Phone” by Peyton Roberts 

Overflow” by Susan Polizzotto

Thousand-Yard Stare into the Future” by James Wells

Red Clay” by Joe Manus

Storm Warning” by Joe Manus

Range Fire” by Steven Miller 

Homecoming Soldier” by Karen Lethlean

A Dark Place” by James Meyer

A Star is Born” by Tammy Ortung


Local Business” by Charity Winters

A Farmer Drops His Pitchfork & Picks Up an AK-47” by Joshua Hilderbrand

A Regular Day in 1968” by Dennis Maulsby

After Morning Muster” by John Davis

Waterline” by Kris Wolverton Blevins

Gorgonized” by Steven Croft

IED” by Steven Croft

Home for Christmas” by Susie Wilson

The First Gulf” by Ruth Q. Leibowitz

Standing Under” by Rachel Ashworth

Soldier Man” by Faye Carlile

Flyover” by MK Punky

Where Was I” by Kai Zwiebel

Supportive Choice” by Shiela Scott

It’s Just Eight Weeks” by Dan Heck

May Day” by Louis Faber

The Day Before Leaving” by Arantxa Hernandez

David Ervin

Managing Editor – Fiction
Daniel Buckman

Managing Editor – Nonfiction
Brian Mockenhaupt

Poetry Editor
Randy Brown

Associate Editors
Melinda Canny
Ray McPadden
Tammy Ortung
John Dailey
Sarah Maples

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