“Soldier Man”

by Faye Carlile

Many days I think of you
All alone with a different view
I look to the stars and the things you once knew

I imagine you training
As hard as you can
I know you will return
A completely changed man
If only I could be there by your side
But along this road you have a different guide.

Although I know its best
For you to stay
I wish the Army
Didn’t send you so far away.

Once my son with a plastic toy gun
We crawled though the grass
And shot at the trees
We jumped the small creeks
And fell to our knees.

Eventually I was just watching
When I knew
By the look on your face
Your new little buddies had taken my place.

Then you traded plastic toy guns
Fake marches and runs
For Xbox controllers and gaming space.
Now there is something much bigger
That is taking my place.

So throw their grenades
Shoot all their weapons
Crawl through their trenches
Wait on their benches

I hope your chow line
Goes as fast as it can
Its all a part of being a soldier man

Your dream of becoming a badass,
A soldier is near
You will face many things
That one time you did fear.

Days will creep by us
The nights will rush by too
Know there is not a second
That I don’t think of you.

Keep your head up high
Keep your short temper at bay
“Sir yes Sir” you must remember to say

When they call for assistance
Or ask questions you know
If its fire guard or shoveling snow
I hope you raise your hand high
Even if it’s not the first to go up
To help a battle buddy
You must always stand up

Let them teach you
Let them guide you
Let the others march beside you

I know your exhausted
And want to lay low
Your will is to strong
Your heart to large
To sink in the background
Or let others take charge

So write of all the horrors
Basic training may bring
Tell me of all the crazy rules you must follow
How you miss us all
Or how you won’t get to call

Write about those cold quick showers
Or how you had to clean rocks for hours
Tell me how some of the other soldiers are dumb
How they keep messing up
And you all had to run

For when your training is all done
And there are no more marches to run
When they think your at your very best
That’s when our country will send its request

That generous protector
The strong sweet man that I know
Will always shine through you
Please let it show
That’s the part of you
I hope they all get to see
That’s the soldier man
That I want you to be