“Supportive Choice”

by Shiela Scott

When opportunity is handed to you,
Don’t throw the application down,
This life as a civilian,
Isn’t meant to be easy, nor sound,
Battles on a daily,
Gangs keep the same guns the military choose,
But the difference is life and steps,
Is the righteous paths ideology consumed,
Should I protect my family?
By controlling every others steps,
Neglect a lawful life,
Filled with immoral neglect,
Or join a Unit with force, and less fear,
Leaving alone reality,
And finding honesty appear,
Protection from poverty,
Embrace from the pain,
Deliberate movements,
With consequence, and fame,
Honored by the gatherings,
Found when lost,
Cheered on by the nation,
That lives without knowing the faults,
Of multiple angers,
That lead to war,
When a man choose to suit up,
His integrity is in store.