As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 4

As You Were: The Military Review, Volume 4

Spring 2016 |  ISSN: 2374-3816


I Didn’t Keep a Diary” by Frank Blake

Fire” by Frank Blake

7-Up” by Joseph Sellman

Bookmobile Splatter” by David S. Pointer

Backwaters” by Frederick Foote

Lunch” by Travis Klempan

PTSD in a Vietnamese Restaurant” by Doug D’Elia

Uncle” by Danny Barbare

Love From a Sailor” by Ryan Barry

Eleven Months” by J.E. McCullough

Wilfred Owen” by Omer Zamir

Many a Man” by Omer Zamir

Those Who Rose” by Omer Zamir


Sergeant Lee” by Richard T. Driskill

The Night Before Christmas” by Kyle Larkin

Helmet” by Seth Bleuer

The Gadfly” by Christopher Lyke

Jeremiad in Nuevo Laredo” by Seth Harp

Commodity” by Jeffrey Paolano

Save the Children” by Richard Champion

An Unwanted Friend” by Jamie Claypool Dement

Leave” by Seth Harp

Remains” by Christy Parrott


Why Not Me” by Howard B. Patrick

Death’s Messenger” by Newt Ronan

Friendly Fire” by James Bryson

Leaving the Sea” by J. Allen Whitt

Flight Quarters” by D. Forest Sanchez-Sweet

These Four White Walls” by A. Pratt

A Second Chance” by Tony Klein





David P. Ervin

Managing Editors
Daniel Buckman
Brian Mockenhaupt
Randy Brown
Tif Holmes

Associate Editors
Amira Pierce
Carol Crickwald
Susannah Nesmith

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