As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 5

Autumn 2016 | ISSN: 2374-3816



Shell Casings” by Benjamin White

The CAB Hunters” by Paul David Adkins

The Wish” by Paul David Adkins

Our War” by John Davis

Changing to the Major’s Dress Blues” by Lisa Stice

At Bedtime During Deployment” by Lisa Stice

Imperial Commodity” by Daniel Uebbing

Haiphong Harbor from the Belly” by J. Whitaker Schwelzer

Nero Deep” by Keith Moul

One Lone Soul” by Frank Blake

The Lake That Consumes” by Jani Michielsen

Don’t Daddy” by Pattie Palmer-Baker

The Dark Place” by David Eckerson

In Flight” by Danny Barbare

Here Come the Wounded” by Scott Young

Brothers and Sisters” by Michael Oliwek


Solon” by Christopher Lyke

The Day the Greek Went Crazy” by Ken Roy

A Mind Camouflaged” by Ken Roy

The Family Packard” by Jerad Alexander

Sometime in 1969, Somewhere Outside Phan Thiet” by Dick Downes

Ivy Two-Twenty-Two or the Soggy Patrol” by Dale Day

Phantom Limb” by Seth Bleuer


Celebration” by Wade Sayer

Friendly Fire” by Jerry Richter

Taking Off the Uniform” by Jim Tritten

Line of Departure” by Jonathan Smith




David P. Ervin 
Managing Editors
Daniel Buckman
Brian Mockenhaupt
Randy Brown 

Associate Editors
Amira Pierce 
David Pointer
Pamela Hart
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