As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 7

Autumn 2017 | ISSN: 2374-3816



To the War Poets” by Curt Hopkins

Dear Homer” by Lisa Stice

Victory” by Michael Hegeman

Those Boys” by Teresa Hall

What I Don’t Remember” by Travis Burke

All That Remains” by Donna Arthur Downs

Blind Dates” by Milton Ehrlich

Syllabics” by Karl Elder

The Sniper’s Target Recites the Rosary” by Ed Coletti

Second PCS” by Brandon Hubbard

Veterans Day” by Francis Mathias

Private Zero” by Joshua Lyons

Requiem for a Bugler Boy” by John Solensten

Maritime Age” by Benji Katz

When the Shell Burst” by Jack Stewart



PMS” by Jerri Bell

Kid in the Cornfield” by Ray McPadden

The Risk of Death by Suffocation” by Bailey Bridgewater

Eating Landmines” by Kenneth Roy

The Results Are the Same” by Andre Rembert

Clear” by William Masters

McGrath & Company” by Con Chapman

Okefenokee Freedom” by Terry Brunt

Outposts” by Jerry Mikorenda

The Ritual” by Ken Williams

As You Were” by Nidhi Singh

Desert Sands” by Ryan Stovall

The Parlor” by JA Ward

Fourth of July” by Jose Fonseco

Blue Heron” by Seth Bleuer

Every Weapon at Our Disposal” by Robert L. Nelis, Sr.


Yuji and Mr. Koike” by Russell Doolittle

The Talisman” by David Tanis

Tracks” by Ben Weise

The Desert” by Patrick Mondaca

The Sergeant and the Brick” by Rick Turton

Air Doors” by James Thompson

“Korean Memories” by Charles Heusel