by Nicholas Stamates


Britannia’s channel they sailed over,
through her unforgiving waters.

Aeolus’ wind they passed through, too,
for his rage calmed right on queue.

For love of man and God above,
they stormed the beaches marred in blood.

Utah to Omaha they fought through,
for Gold and Sword they came too.

A man from Kansas worried away,
while God’s arrows were away.

He came through that fateful day,
weary of war and loved by man.

For a Desert Fox his time came near,
for his honor was what he held most dear.

The war turned that faithful day,
the coward’s time had its final days.

For those who lived the day of days,
the world would never be the same.

For as the time ticked away,
the crimson sand withered away.

For reunions came few and few,
as brothers returned to the Elysian plane

As the clocks struck twelve one by one,
Arlington welcomed all who rung.

As the hour grew late,
they kept a date…

To see the crimson beaches fade away,
to see each other fade the same.