Bookmobile Splatter

by David S. Pointer

Paddy wagon worldview overstocked with hand cannons, mace, federal streamer, starlight scopes, bayonets, sniper rifles, hardly room to coddle prisoners

Paddy wagon worldview floods out over geological times takes on screaming rats running diseased or forever wet over eternal ammunition and gunpowder euphoria

Paddy wagon worldview watches those rodents return to environments marking and counter-marking landscaped make-believe green in the foreground with clipped grass of the uncoiled hose

Paddy wagon worldview watched rat-bite-fever-fang chew on the undead sewer refugees

Paddy wagon worldview locking floor door on the plague-ship prostitutes feeding cheese slices to enflamed fellow world travelers

Paddy wagon converted to bookmobile after child soldier type excitement makes off with abandoned weapons worldwide

Trench warfare arrived as old world rats took to their respective pathways swimming through rancid conditions

Trench warfare departed as new world rats rotated around Harry S. Truman’s empty atomic era house in Independence, Missouri

Trench warfare rats still chew on dead civilians and soldiers in my dreamscape for what I consume you shall consume sayeth the Spanish influence through other creatures such as chickens and pigs

Bookmobile camels were still killed by drone strike, strafing fire, and rogue enemy snipers and the rat’s tiny little magnetoreception systems led them to the papery fibers for what we consume so shall they consume