“Convoy at Night”

Title: “Convoy at Night”
Artist: Harry James
Size: 8” x 10”
Medium: abstract, acrylic on canvas
Artist Statement: When we convoyed at night, the sand was picked up and swirled in an almost tunnel-like fashion around the tactical lights of our vehicles.
The lights and sand combined and reflected back in a diffused yellow-red-black dirty gray glow.
Deprived of sleep and high on adrenaline, there was a sort of hallucinatory quality to the resultant vision.
This painting is one of a pair. The process I used was to apply the colors directly to a canvas, I then took a blank second canvas of equal size, placed it on top of the paint and smeared, pulled and turned the two canvases to create the desired effect. The result is a “left” hand painting and a “right” hand painting. This is the “left hand” painting.