All of our staff members, including all members of the MEA Executive Board, are unpaid. We will not squander your donations on bloated salaries, period. All of our finances, in fact, are completely transparent. Still, we need your financial help to keep moving forward. If you choose to donate to Military Experience & the Arts, a federally recognized 501(C)(3) nonprofit, here are the types of things your money will be spent on:

-Online / In-Person Creative Expression Workshops Absolutely Free to the Veteran Participants

-Publication Overhead (i.e., online submissions platform, editorial stipends, yearly website costs)

-Travel / Lodging Expenses for educational outreaches at schools, veteran service organizations, military installations, and more.

-National MEA Symposia (a free or low-cost series of in-person events, workshops, and outreach opportunities offered to more than 100+ veterans and their families)

We believe in the power of creative expression, be it in the form of short-stories, poetry, artwork, or scholarship by members of military communities. What we do at Military Experience & the Arts helps veterans understand their experiences on a deeper level, share them with the public, and perhaps even heal along the way. Most importantly, we have given hundreds of individuals a sense of community centered around the creative act. And we stand by our track record of success. Browse any of the publications on our home page; each contains the words and images of military men and women we’ve helped share stories with the world. Digital copies of everything we publish remain free to the public.


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You can also write a check or money order to “Military Experience & the Arts, Inc.” and mail it to:

PO Box 821
Morgantown, WV 26507