Volume 8 | Spring 2018

by Leonard Black

Confused and angry, I’m recently back
From fighting for other’s freedom in troubled Iraq.
While back home, it’s been business as usual
Black folks, and their youth, always under attack.
When life seems so crazy, I seek a quiet place
Where I can sort things out and meditate
To know what proper action to take.

While sitting in the park on a dark and cloudy day
I saw a tiny figure headed straight my way.
Ever so slowly it seemed to come within my sight,
Never veering to the left, nor turning to the right.
I sat there, quite transfixed, watching, and then,
There appeared a little girl, perhaps the age of ten.
At last, she stood in front me,
Her eyes were emerald green
Deeper than any ocean I have ever seen.

She took my hand in hers, placed it on her heart
Causing me to panic as if my world had come apart.
Tippy-toed and upon my cheek she placed a tiny kiss
Then slowly backed away and vanished in the mist.
Never once did she speak a word,
At least none I can swear I heard.
As she faded out of sight, I heard within my ear,
How great you are, my Hero, and thanks for being here.