Here Come the Wounded

by Scott Young

Here come the wounded
Here come the dying
Sorry Doc no supplies
But Sir we’ve got to keep trying

This kid has no airway
That’s the wrong ET tube
We’ve got six’s and eight’s sir
You will have to make do

This one’s going to crash
He needs two large IVs
Sir we’ve run out of blood
Oh God Help Me Please!

Go call in the bird
This one has to go now
Sir they won’t land out there
We’ve got to send him by ground

Tell that pilot we need him
This kid has no other choice
The Doctor was desperate
There was fear in his voice

There was terror in the boy’s eyes
As he started drifting away
And the team could do nothing
To stand in death’s way

Forget it he’s gone
God Damn this place!
Doc’s lower lip trembled
Tears ran down his face

We could have done more
Had more things gone right
But today a young man’s life
Slipped away in the night

Why the hell are we here?
In this terrible place
I bet they would care
Had they seen that boy’s face