Joined the Army

by D. Cooper

Would have never joined the army
I would have never gone to war
If I hadn’t struggled every day
With my dreams and what they are

my thoughts were bold
Too young and smart huh?
time to move, to do
do you think I am a fool?

I knew the line, time’s on my side
Three meals, health care
Done in 20; college too!
Be all that you want to be, yeah.

Girl, Are you fumbling about
trying to find the grand plan
Freedom for
the fight to believe in.

join up! Get a bonus.
See the world.
there’s no backing out
when you are standing on the dunes.

Girl you see those children begging?
Running from the boom boom bomb
Iraqi babies crying
blood on the tanks.

The coldness of your heart
Did you sell your soul for three a day
A cot, and what?
Fool. Why are you here.

Women don’t make war
Women make peace
Women save the babies.
Oh god where is my soul?



(Copyright 2015 Military Experience & the Arts, Inc.)