Many Minutes

by Ryan Barry

Sometimes I miss my many minutes of fame
Followed by my hours of unfelt shame
When my mind would be numb to the surrounding world’s games
Games on love, games on money and games on success
Games of anxiety and games on depression,
But when during these times
I felt no stress.
My body of calmness without motion
Concentrating on the soothing noise of soft silence
I did
Like those of the waves of the ocean
Which is
Crashing in softly and pulling away again
Beating like my slow beating heart within
When the only feeling I felt through my veins
Was that of a feeling which had no pain
When my body was flushed with temperatures both of warm and hot
But when sometimes
it was always
in my body I was not
When pupils became the size of ending marks to a
small print sentence
And all that could be described was a
pure relaxing essence
My senses would heighten then quickly fade away
It is often
Oh how I miss
What I know now
As my many minutes of shame