MEA Bibliography

Below you will find a comprehensive list of every short story, poem, scholarly article, work of art, and web article published by Military Experience & the Arts in the past five years. Ideal for both researchers and fans of military art and literature, this bibliography provides readers with a direct link to each work. Simply click on any title and it will open in your browser. Refer to the table below concerning abbreviations and design.

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“—“ denotes same as previous author

Absher, Travis. Our Eyes. (P)

Agravante, Mariecor. Soft Spots. (P)

Alexander, Jerad W. Cold Day in Bridgewater. (F)

—. SAW. (A)

—. Strays. (F)

Amoroso, Alexander. The Inspiring Purpose of the Art of War. (S)

Anonymous. Tags. (P)

B., Shield. Together. (NF)

Badgett, Joseph W. Twenty-Three and Angry. (NF)

Ballinger, Lee. Vietnam. (P)

Barry, Ryan A. Nautically Insane. (P)

—. Many Minutes. (P)

—. 2 Miles Down the Road. (P)

Beales, Steve. A Tribute to Our Heroes. (A)

—. Band of Brothers. (A)

—. Hope and Fear. (A)

—. In Duty Comes Honour and Excellence. (A)

—. In Times of War and Uncertainty. (A)

—. Remember Their Sacrifice. (A)

—. Reginam et Patriam Tuendam. (A)

Bechtold, Susan. No Ejection Attempt. (NF)

Bell, Jenny. Creating the Tangible from the Intangible. (NF)

—. The Veteran Artist Program. (NF)

Bell, Jeri. A Response to Eric Newhouse. (W)

Bell, Judy. Masks of PTSD. (P)

Belyea, Andrew D. Colliding Discourses. (S)

Berg, Randall. Damn Agent Orange. (P)

Bernstein, J. A. All Is Not Quiet. (S)

Blackwell-Starnes, Katt. Spotlight: Art Schade’s “Not Alone.” (W)

—. Spotlight: Clayton D. Murwin. (W)

—. Spotlight: Fred Rosenblum’s Hollow Tin Jingles. (W)

—, Katt. Spotlight: Rod Merkley’s “Words on a Wall.” (W)

Blue, Ami. Introduction: Critical Questions, Critical Responses. (NF)

Bollinger, Levi. Between the Feet. PDF | HTML. (F)

Bowels, Jedediah. And Justice for All. (NF)

Brady, Kathy. They Also Serve. (NF)

Bridges, Justin. The Language of War (S)

Brooks, Robin. Cold War June. (A)

Brown, Randy. No Service Dogs Allowed. (S)

Broyles, Kathryn. Spotlight: Virgil Huston’s “Valhalla.” (W)

Byers, Erin. Dear America. (NF)

Cameron, Drew. Portraits. (A)

Carvalko, Joe. Road to Suwon. (W)

Caudill, Don. Meet It There. (P)

Chiasson, Timothy. Outside the Wire. (A)

—. Rest, My Friend, I’ll Take Watch from Here. (A)

Childress, Jennifer. On Being the Only Veteran in English Comp II. (P)

Chrisinger, David. Words Make You More: Bibliotherapy and the Healing Power of Literature. (W)

Clow, Christopher. Straw Dogs. PDF | HTML. (F)

Coleman, Penny. Veterans Studies: Expanding Notions of “Vet Friendly”. (W)

Coletti, Ed. The Poet As Survivor Assistance Officer. (P)

Combs, Henry R. Boozer. (NF)

—. Niles. (P)

Conn, Michael. Route Georgia, ‘Tangi Valley,’ Wardak Province, Afghanistan. (NF)

—. That’s good, Conn, come on back. (NF)

Cox, Jeremy. Johnny Got His Gun: Redux; or, A Near Life Experience. (P)

—. Working. (P)

Cronin, Walt. Window Pain. (A)

Cruse, V. J. A Note from the Veterans’ PTSD Project Founder. (NF)

—. Parents of Combat Vets Working Through. (W)

—. What Those Affected by PTSD Want You To Know. (W)

D’Leon, Ernie. The Silver Bullet. (W)

Dang, Thomas. CLAYmore Flask. (A)

—. Grenade Range 1 / Grenade Range 2. (A)

DeCesare, Nancy. Preserving Our Stories. PDF | HTML. (S)

DeHoyos, Jose. Taking Okinawa: U.S. Marines. (A)

Dhillon, Pirtpal S. Not Our Day to Die. (NF)

Dittbenner, Jessica. Deployment Sketches. (A)

—. Jihad Jihad. (A)

—. LOve AnD WaR. (A)

—. Media War. (A)

—. Pilot. (A)

—. Pink Tom. (A)

—. Through It. (A)

Dolan, Liz. Army Surplus 1948. (P)

—. He Never Shut Up. (P)

Dooley, Michael. Friends. (A)

—. Frustration. (A)

—. Subtlety. (A)

Douglass, Larissa. Five-Hour Energy. (P)

Earls, Traci L. What the News Didn’t Tell You. (NF)

El-Amin, Suliman. Adjusting. (A)

Ervin, David P. Animals.  PDF | HTML. (F)

—. Giving a Voice to the Unspeakable: A Chat with Joseph Galloway. (W)

—. The Looking Glass. [NEWListen to Audio Recording] (NF)

—. Stories. PDF | HTML. (F)

—. “Trying to Make Our Nightmare a Dream”: Hanro Studios Engraving. (W)

—. What We Talk About When We Talk About ‘Thank You For Your Service’ (W)

Esch, Shawn. Memories Trapped Inside the Land. (P)

Fay, Michael D. Counter Sniper Fire, Patrol Base Karma. (A)

—. In the Shadow of the Poppy Harvest. (A)

—. Laying Out a Patrol Base, Nawa District, 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment. (A)

—. Maj. Robert Farrell, C.O. of Weapons Co., 3rd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment. (A)

—. Setting in the Barbed Wire. (A)

Ferrand, Brian. Master Diver. (A)

—. MKV Diving Helmet. (A)

—. Viking Ship. (A)

FitzGordan, Michael. The Woman in the Jungle. (F)

Foley, Matthew. Sketch for An Epiphany from Several Nights of Not Being Able to Sleep. (A)

—. Sketch for Mama I’m Coming Home. (A)

—. Sketch for My Life as a Soldier in the War on Terror. (A)

—. Sketch for One Night in Iraq. (A)

—. Sketch for Route Georgia, Tangi Valley, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. (A)

—. Sketch for When Identities Collide: A Marine Musician in the Field. (A)

—. The Illumination. (A)

—. The US Island. (A)

Foulkes, Ian. From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe. PDF | HTML. (P)

Fries, Wanda. Introduction: To Write Is to Bear Witness. (NF)

Fulco, Mark A. Fair Moon. (P)

—. Hunt the Good Stuff. (P)

—. In the Travels of Our Times. (P)

Gann, Sarah M. There is a Lot of Self-Reliance. (S)

Ganser, Cheryl. Surviving PTSD as a Spouse. (W)

Gelissen, Joseph. PTSD and the Art to Deal with It. (A)

—.Thoughts. (A)

Gieske, Gregory. Blue and White Devils. (A)

—. Fighting the Demons. (A)

—. Memories. (A)

—. Progress. (A)

—. Self Portrait. (A)

—. Yankee. (A)

Gilbert, Christopher. An Epiphany from Several Nights of Not Being Able to Sleep. (NF)

Godin, Andrew. Easter in Croatia. (A)

—. Mortars Under Tree. (A)

—. The Wicked Web We Weave. (A)

—. Vines on a Bombed Out House. (A)

Goldberg, Michael E. A Holistic Approach to PTSD. (W)

Goulden, Winfield. Babyface. (NF)

—. Blood Brothers. (P)

—. Spitfire. (NF)

Griffin, W. R. Night Patrol. (P)

—. Rolling Thunder. (P)

—. Rote. (P)

Growhowski, Mariana. “Citizen. Soldier. Citizen” Art Exhibit. (W)

—. Congratulating Patricia Stotter. (W)

—. Pedagogy Spotlight: Michael Lund. (W)

—. Spotlight: Brian Mockenhaupt. (W)

—. Spotlight: Eric Hodges. (W)

—. Spotlight: Tara Leigh Tappert. (W)

Guthrie, Yadira. The Tower. PDF | HTML (NF)

Ha, Khanh. Another Realm. (F)

Hackbarth, James Heavy. When the Darkness Calls. (P)

Hamilton, Deb. Baghdad Babble. (NF)

—. CMOC. (NF)

—. Echo of Wartime Drudgery. (P)

—. Steel-Toed Boots. (P)

—. Tree Darts. (P)

Hankinson, Joseph. Going Down. (F)

Hannel, Eric. The Arrival. (NF)

—.Engine Trouble. (NF)

—. Hounds of Hell. (NF)

—. The Thirty-Six Hour Patrol. (NF)

Harding, John T. Fighting Words. (W)

Harsh, Barbara. Holographic Angels. (P)

Hattan, Dick. 40 Years Too Late. (P)

—. An AWOL God. (P)

—. Homecoming. (P)

—. Veterans Day. (P)

Heaney, Elizabeth. The One Left Behind. (NF)

Heath, Wayne. Miserable Grunts. (NF)

Heatherly, Christopher J. In Afghanistan’s Fields. (P)

—. For a Soldier on His Birthday. (P)

Hines, Gene. Colors of the Country. (F)

Hitchens, Carl. The Hero’s Journey. (W)

Hodges, Eric. Introduction: Scholarship. (NF)

Hoffman, Michael J. Up the Road a Piece. (NF)

Holland, Matthew. Mama I’m Coming Home. (NF)

Holmes, Tif. (Self) Portrait of a Savior. (A)

—. Abstract Digital Painting No. 1. (A)

—. Colors. (A)

—. Empty Chairs. (A)

—. Invisible War. (A)

—. Listen to Me. (A)

—. Lost. (A)

—. Prisoner of War. (A)

—. Purification. (A)

—. Rise Up. (A)

—. Self-Inflicted. (A)

—. Untitled (1). (A)

—. Untitled (2). (A)

—. War. (A)

Hough, Kevin. Hanging by a Thread. (P)

Howard, Mick. A Military Tradition Institutionalized. (S)

Howerton, William. Radio Call. (P)

—. Sunset over Baghdad. (P)

Hughes, Aaron. I Remember Standing There. (A)

—. Iraq Triptych. (A)

—. Road Stop. (A)

Huston, Virgil. Afghanistan’s Flanders Fields. (P)

—. Ramp Ceremony. (P)

—. Valhalla. (P)

Ireland, Peter. VETERANS. PDF | HTML. (P)

Johnson, Bradley. My Life as a Soldier in the War on Terror. (NF)

—. That Moment. (P)

Johnson, Steve. True life Experiences of an Airman Over the Skies of the Middle East. (NF)

Jones, Andrew. The RPG. (P)

Jones, Dustin T. The Great Military Adventure. (NF)

Joseph, Elisha. STROUD, STROUD, STROUD! (F)

Joynes, Monty. Pull Out. (P)

—. Viet Nam Village, Ft. Polk. (P)

Juhasz, Victor C. Afghanistan: Catching Some Sleep in Transit. (A)

—. Combat Control Exercise. (A)

—. Kirkland AFB Pararescue (Search and Rescue Exercise). (A)

—. SGT. Joseph Dietzel 1. (A)

—. SGT. Joseph Dietzel 2. (A)

Jurado, Luis. The Fallen Never Dies. (P)

Karpiak, Irene E. Objects in the Rear View Mirror. (S)

Kauffman, Tom. Are Budget Cuts the Culprit Behind the V.A. Scandal?  (W)

—. Politics As Usual: A Town Hall Meeting. (W)

Kestava, Anna. Homeland Defense. (A)

—. Lost. (A)

—. Wasteland. (A)

King, Don. Addiction. (P)

—. Burrito. (P)

—. Distractions. (P)

—. Sunshine. (P)

Kirt, Jack Thomas. My Name is Ruthie, Your Nightly Nurse. (P)

Klimenko, Julia. Second Generation PTSD. PDF | HTML. (P)

Koch, Ryan. Showtime. (P)

Laker, James Laurie. A Private on the Public Stage. (S)

Lambert, Michael P. First Patrol. (F)

Levinson, Leila. My Father’s War Cursed Me Before It Became My Blessing. (W)

Littles, Heather. PTSD from Military Sexual Trauma. (NF)

Loughhead, Robert. My Reason. (NF)

Lozano, Tenley. The Ladder Climb. (F)

Lubin, Guy. My Military Life. (NF)

Lund, Michael. Drugs Away. (F)

—. How Writing Impacted My Life; How it Can Impact Yours. (W)

—. Travelers. (W)

Lythgoe, Michael. The Helicopters Came. (P)

M., Karen and Anthony C. Afghan Girl. (A)

—. Birka. (A)

—. Blindfold. (A)

—. Eyes. (A)

—. Free. (A)

—. Lonely. (A)

—. Masked Truth. (A)

—. Occupy Chem Warfare. (A)

—. Occupy Gas Mask. (A)

—. Occupy Soldier. (A)

—. Paintings Live Nation. (A)

—. Surrender. (A)

—. The Sorrow. (A)

Madelyn, Iris. (un)clothed and in her right mind. (A)

Manuel, Luke. America Is Me. (P)

—. Sketch for And Justice for All. (A)

—. Sketch for CMOC. (A)

—. Sketch for My Bosnian Deployment. (A)

—. Sketch for My Medication Problems. (A)

—. Sketch for My Military Life. (A)

Marie, Faranza. Lethe. (P)

—. Knife. PDF | HTML. (P)

Martin, Travis L. A Little Boy with Bananas. (P)

—. Doppelganger. (F)

—. Fade to Green. (A)

—. My Old Friend. (P)

—. One Night in Iraq. (NF)

—. Own Worst Enemy. (A)

—. Paranoia. (P)

—. Quetiapine Me a Lullaby. (P)

—. Rifling About. (P)

—. The 51st Trans. Co. MRE Recycling Center. (NF)

McCall, Stephen K. First In, Last Out. (A)

—. In the Shadow of Death. (A)

—. Nalepa. (A)

—. Terry’s Way. (P)

McDade, Thomas Michael. Wolfman Jack. (P)

McDonald, B. R. Operation Oliver. (NF)

McNeal, John Jay. When Identities Collide: A Marine Musician in the Field. (NF)

McNeely, Judith. Spotlight: Veteran Poet Ryan Koch’s “Poetry Potential”. (W)

McWilliams. The Residue of Trauma. PDF | HTML. (P)

Means, Franklin. My Medication Problems. (NF)

Merkley, Rod. Words on a Wall. (F)

Miller, Andrew H. The VA Hospital. (NF)

Miller, Chris. Highway to Hell. (NF)

Miller, Joseph R. Introduction: On Nostalgia. (NF)

—. The Terrible Moment that Defines Me. (NF)

—. Honor. (P)

Minear, Larry. Afghanistan and Iraq: The Soldiers’ Experience. (S)

Minnis, Sarah and Shane Hammond. Million Records Project Leaves Questions Unanswered. (W)

Mockenhaupt, Brian. Editor’s Introduction (JME 3). (NF)

—. Introduction: Non-Fiction (JME 3). (NF)

—. Introduction: The Power of Story (JME 2). (NF)

Mooneyham, Robert. Combat Infantry Bro (CIB). (P)

Morrow, Elisha D. Second Class Trauma. (W)

Murwin, Clayton. Memorial Day 2014. (A)

—. Sketch for A Defining Moment In Time. (A)

—. Sketch for A Long Day Looking Back. (A)

—. Sketch for An Excerpt from My Adventures in Iraq—2003. (A)

—. Sketch for Babyface. (A)

—. Sketch for Boozer. (A)

—. Sketch for Dear America. (A)

—. Sketch for Engine Trouble. (A)

—. Sketch for Highway to Hell. (A)

—. Sketch for Hounds of Hell. (A)

—. Sketch for I Don’t Want to Be a Soldier Today. (A)

—. Sketch for Nec Metus de Morte. (A)

—. Sketch for Not Alone. (A)

—. Sketch for Not Our Day To Die. (A)

—. Sketch for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (A)

—. Sketch for Singing the Draft Board Blues. (A)

—. Sketch for Spitfire. (A)

—. Sketch for The Battlefield. (A)

—. Sketch for The Bear That Stands. (A)

—. Sketch for The Demons of War Are Persistent. (A)

—. Sketch for The Great Military Adventure. (A)

—. Sketch for The One Left Behind. (A)

—. Sketch for The Thirty-Six Hour Patrol. (A)

—. Sketch for They Also Serve. (A)

—. Sketch for Together. (A)

—. Sketch for Twenty-Three and Angry. (A)

—. Sketch for Up the Road a Piece. (A)

—. Sketch for VA Hospital. (A)

—. Sketch for What the News Didn’t Tell You. (A)

—. Sketch for Witch Hunts of the Military. (A)

Naslund, Dillion. Once Again to Be a Little Boy. (P)

Neal, Richard. PTSD. (A)

Newhouse, Eric. Special Guest Introduction. (NF)

Noah, Stanley. A War Film Documentary. (P)

Owen, James III. Wandering Nomad. (P)

Owen, Micah. A Long Day Looking Back. (NF)

—. Put the Truck in Gear and Drive. (NF)

—. Sketch for Put the Truck in Gear and Drive. (A)

Owen, Steven. Singing the Draft Board Blues. (NF)

Pacanowski, Jennifer. I Keep Moving. (P)

Pardue, Kerry. In the Heat of Battle. (P)

Parrish, Joy. Sketch for The 51st Trans. Co. MRE Recycling Center. (A)

—. Witch Hunts of the Military. (NF)

Paynewhite, Brenda J. S. Please Don’t Utter a Word. (P)

Pellicano, Giuseppe. Bye My Darling. (A)

—. Left. Left. Left, Right, Left. (A)

—. Masked Memories. (A)

—. Oh Happy Day. (A)

—. Tea Time. (A)

Pelligrino, Nicholas. Embattled Belief. (S)

Peterson, Brady. Even the Snow is Loud. (P)

—. Old Soldiers. (P)

—. Passing. (P)

Pointer, David S. Childhood Psychology of Militaristic Ascent. PDF | HTML (P)

—. The High Score Scandal. (P)

—. The Welcome Tour: Camp Smedley Butler, Okinawa. (P)

—. Training Riley. (P)

Poudrier, Jason. Quartz Mountain Modern Art Exhibit. (P)

Pratt, Megan. What is War? (P)

Ramirez, Eduardo. Grounded: A Review. (W)

Rancourt, Suzanne S. Ghost Nets. (P)

—. The Bear that Stands. (NF)

—. The Hunt. (P)

—. The Smell of Blood. (P)

—. Tsunami Conflict. (P)

—. Visions of Clara. (P)

—. Why I Don’t Meditate. (P)

Rape, Jonathon Travis. The Battlefield. (NF)

Rawlings, Matthew. Nec Metus De Morte. (NF)

Reichert, Michael. My Bosnian Deployment. (NF)

Reinholdt, Bryan S. Reduce(d), Reuse(d), Recycle(d). (A)

—. Rethink, Remove, Refuse. (A)

Reyes-Cairo, Dylan M. FOB Thunder, Afghanistan. (F)

—. Divergence. (P)

Roberts, Paul. A Memory of Gentleness. (NF)

Robino-West, Sharon. I Honor You. (NF)

Roesener, Glen. Anguish. (P)

Rohde, Skip. Lament. (A)

—. Warrior. (A)

Rosenblum, Fred. LZ Some Hill Somewhere. (P)

Sandoval, Andrea. A Defining Moment in Time. (NF)

—. An Excerpt from My Adventures in Iraq—2003. (NF)

Sapp. Heather. Unseen. (P)

Sarafis, Melany. Deployment. (A)

—. Reenlistment. (A)

—. Retirement. (A)

—. Veteran. (A)

Sargent, Patrick. Moments 2. (A)

—. Moments. (A)

—. Reveille. (A)

—. The Corps. (A)

Saylor, John. Grunt. (P)

Schade, A. W. The Demons of War are Persistent. (NF)

—. Not Alone. (NF)

Schlemmer, Ashley. Just One of the Guys. (W)

Schultz, Katey. This Land: A Compelling Story. (W)

Self, Doug. In Under a Minute. (P)

Sellman, Joseph. Cycle of Operations. PDF | HTML. (P)

Simon, William Lincoln. The Dead of Peleliu Speak. (P)

Slone, Erica. An Unfit Effect. (A)

Smith, Andrew. Down But Not Out. (W)

Smith, Steve. Bomb Tech. (A)

—. EOD. (A)

—. Hills of Vietnam. (A)

—. Lucky. (A)

—. Taps for Sergeant Holder. PDF | HTML. (NF)

Springsteen, Karen. Review: “Veteran ‘On Killing'” (VOK), a Documentary by Zach P. Skiles. (W)

Steele, Craig W. Passing Storm. (P)

Stencel, Anthony. OSI Bucket Brigade. (A)

Storm, Beauregard. The Glass. (W)

Stotter, Patricia Lee. Triggers. (P)

Strong, Dustin. 89 Cents. (NF)

Sukach, Mike. Nightmare. (P)

Sutton, Geoff. THE ARMY (with apologies to Kipling). (P)

Switalksi, Travis. Digging My Way Home. (W)

—. The Fourth Floor. (F)

—. The Price We Pay (W)

—. The War is Over? (W)

—. What’s It Like to Kill Someone? (W)

Sydow, Bruce. Dragon Fruit Cacti, Vietnam, 1970. (P)

Tanner, Robert. Giving and Taking – Part One of Three. (W)

—. Giving and Taking – Part Three of Three. (W)

—. Giving and Taking – Part Two of Three. (W)

Tappert, Tara Leigh and Kate Rouleau, eds. Call and Response. (A)

—. In War: An Exhibition by Members of Warrior Art Group. (A)

Tappert, Tara Leigh. Introduction: Artwork. (NF)

—. The Arts and the Military: Dominic Fredianelli. (W)

Taylor, Sean. I Don’t Want To Be a Soldier Today. (NF)

—. Listening for the Hum. (P)

Thibeault, Patrick. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (NF)

Thompson, Roger. Review: Ellouise Schoettler’s “Arlington National Cemetery”. (W)

Tolliver, Gabriel A. The Afghan Blood House. (F)

—. The Afghan Blood House. (P)

—. Peepshow. (A)

—. People, Places, and Things. (A)

—. Poppy Fields. (A)

Tool, Ehren W. A. 209 of Thousands. (A)

Traphagen, Sarah K. Re-hinging Life/Scalpel to Text. (S)

Turton, Richard. The Eagle Cried. PDF | HTML. (P)

Underwood, Dennis. Barking in the Wind. PDF | HTML. (NF)

—. Facade. (P)

—. Gingko Tree. (P)

Usbeck, Frank. My Blog Is My Therapy. (S)

Wasserman, Paul. Selections from a Field Guide, 1943. (P)

White, Greg. Trim the Fat. (NF)

Whitehead, Ron. Blue Nostalgia Cover. (A)

—. Brothers. (A)

—. Can’t Sleep. (A)

—. Dog Tags. (A)

—. Hand. (A)

—. Hidden Thoughts. (A)

—. Lookin Forward. (A)

—. Memories. (A)

—. New Enemy. (A)

—. Oil Fields. (A)

—. Rear View. (A)

—. Smoke and Mirrors. (A)

—. Remembering. (A)

—. Sacrifice. (A)

—. Stay Focused. (A)

—. Still Serving. (A)

Willey, Zachary. Afghan Dust. PDF | HTML. (P)