MEA2: Creation Station

Your Space to Create

Each day, from 8 AM to 5 PM, we will keep a “Creation Station” open for authors and artists struck by ideas so profound that their manifestations simply cannot be postponed. It will be located in a tent near the registration booths and the entrance to Ross Hall. There, you will find free art supplies and a number of writing and arts specialist on-hand to help you get your ideas onto paper, canvas, or whatever.

MEA2 Creation Station Manager

IMG_0157Leah Coming learned the joy of working one-on-one with writers at the Notre Dame Writing Center, where she tutored for almost three years. A fiction writer herself, she is continually amazed in the way that conversation with another person can enliven and enlighten a creative work and its maker, and is grateful to be able to work as a one-on-one writing consultant at the MEA Symposium.

Currently, Leah is an apprentice in hospitality, personalism, and conscience-formation in the Catholic tradition. With David’s Heart ministry to military, former military and family members, she participates in the Church’s healing and reconciling work, and is committed to learning how writing can be a part of this. She is also a live-in staff member at the South Bend Catholic Worker house of hospitality, a bustling community where almost nonstop meal preparation, dishwashing, laughter, gardening, prayer, music making, and chicken-raising make life joyous and unpredictable.


Of course walkins are welcome! But, as you know, it takes time to adequately read and respond to a writer about his or her work. Leah Coming, who has worked in a writing center as both a tutor and a non-directive listener for nearly three years, is our lead one-on-one writing consultant. If you want to guarantee a slice of her time email ahead of the event at Also, email Leah if you have writing/teaching experience that you’d like to lend to the Creation Station for any amount of time. The more the merrier.


Impromptu art projects were one of the best parts of the first MEA Symposium. We hope round two won’t be any different. Most of the supplies will be donated by MEA staff members in whatever amount we can afford/carry, so if you have some you’d like to bring along to share, please do, we’d greatly appreciate it. Further, if you’re a painter, sculptor, sketch artist, or have any other skills you’d like to impart outside of the structured schedule, feel free to start a class with whoever’s hanging around the Creation Station. Artists and those with artistic ideas concerning the Creation Station can also contact Leah at the email above to discuss ideas.


Special Offering: Engage the Light “Portraits for Veterans” Photo Booth


Leaders: Tif Holmes and photographers from the Engage the Light Veterans Photo Group in Lubbock, TX

Location: MEA2 Creation Station (Near registration booths)

Dates: May 14, 15, & 16

Times: 9 AM to Noon

Description: “Portraits for Veterans” (P4V) is a project of Engage the Light, a Lubbock-based photography workshop and photowalk series for military veterans and at-risk communities led by photographer and Army veteran Tif Holmes. The purpose of P4V is to use a shared love of photography to create positive images of—and to give back to—the military community. Veterans can stop by the photo booth to have their portrait made with any special mementos they wish to bring (ribbons, uniforms, discharge certificates, flags, etc.). They will have the option to write down parts of their military experience during their portrait session and have those stories published next to their portrait on our website. The website is a collection of images and words from veterans who have so much to say, to teach, to show, and to love. It provides the community at large with one very small but meaningful way to engage with—and learn from—the collective experiences of the veteran community. Website publication of portraits and/or stories is completely optional.