Cover Art_Black Letters

Should Have Been You

by Joseph Stanfill

Fathers and Sons, Mothers and Daughters

Sent off to war, they go with courage, honor

Most will come back with invisible pain

Some like you, will always stay

Shouldn’t have been you, left so far away

Should have been you, standing here today

Why on earth did I get God’s grace?

Should have been me

I wish I could take your place

I’ve tried to live my life to honor you

Not taking things for granted like I used to

But in the night the darkness comes

I dream about the day that we were overrun

Right by my side, you fought valiantly

A flash and a blast, I couldn’t see

I said your name, and a voice told me

“He saved your life, he didn’t make it you see.”

Now I’m left with memories and regrets

You were so young, hadn’t even had kids yet

Your young bride, at the funeral I held her hand

She misses you so much, and so will your little man

And I know, I could never take your place

I promise I’ll do my best, man, he even has your face

Should have been you that came home to stay

Should have been me, I couldn’t take your place

But now I see, I’m here to hold God’s grace