Military Experience & the Arts invites submissions in the genres of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork for publication in As You Were: The Military Review.

As You Were, three words spoken quickly by non-commissioned and commissioned officers who choose to drop rank and get to business, is meant to put troops “at ease.” Military Experience & the Arts, in its singular, collaborative approach to publishing, has long sought to provide an atmosphere in which veterans and their loved ones can feel “at ease” when expressing themselves.

Our title also connotes a hearkening back, an exploration of the self and the past. We’re interested in those words and works of art that are brave enough to cut through rank and time, presenting military experience honestly, free of the white-washing that can appear in today’s war literature and art. We’ve published numerous volumes since 2011, providing each contributor–regardless of whether that contributor has published 25 words or 25 books–with some form of one-on-one consultation if they wanted it.

When you submit work for consideration you have a couple of options:

  • You can choose to work with our staff to revise and rewrite your submission. You will receive one-on-one guidance from an experienced, published writer to help you refine your work.


  • You can let our staff accept or reject the piece as it is written. We understand that some writers won’t want to revise or rewrite, but would also like the opportunity to be considered for publication.

We can’t make any guarantees when it comes to publishing, but we can guarantee that if you want to learn more about the craft of writing you will have the opportunity to do so. It’s our mission at MEA to help you become a capable writer, and we encourage you to let our staff help you write the best possible piece. You’ve invested time and emotion in writing your story; we’re interested in investing our time in helping you tell this story in the most highly effective manner possible.

If you’re willing to be revised, editors may make bigger-picture suggestions such as reordering a sequence of events, more fully developing a theme, elaborating on or trimming some sections. They’ll also be looking at the paragraph and sentence level, and may, for instance, make requests and suggestions for more details in a description, a more fully developed scene, or trimming of extraneous information that slows the pace or distracts from the overall theme of the piece.

Follow the links below when submitting to your chosen genre(s).

Fiction – Managing Editor, Daniel Buckman

Non-Fiction – Managing Editor, Brian Mockenhaupt

Poetry – Managing Editor, Randy Brown

Artwork – Managing Editor, Tif Holmes


For any questions you have about the submissions process, please email the Editor-in-Chief at



Blue Nostalgia is the signature publication of the Veterans’ PTSD project. Blue Nostalgia gives us a medium to connect to our brothers and sisters, while allowing the civilian community a glimpse into our world. There are many of us who have experienced the trauma that comes with armed conflict, but there are many more who have not, and never will. We veterans hold in our minds and bodies the history of our wars, and if the non-veteran community is to grasp who we are, what we have experienced, and what we are capable of as productive citizens, we must tell our stories.

In addition to experiencing war trauma, some of us have experienced military sexual trauma or trauma outside of a deployment. The stories of such trauma and the growth that follows need to be told.

The media traffics in tragedy and often fails to report on instances of post-traumatic growth, a concept few are familiar with, and that is the aim of Blue Nostalgia; to tell the untold, the unreported. Writing about trauma and the growth that follows is not easy. We understand that. Know this: You are not alone! Anyone who writes about such experiences goes through this unsettling and sometimes scary process of reliving trauma. If you are up to the task, please join us here at VPP to help change the national conversation about PTSD. After all, if we don’t tell our stories, who will?

 Blue Nostalgia – Managing Editor, David Chrisinger


For any questions you have about the submissions process, please email the Editor-in-Chief at