Military Experience and the Arts is proud to announce the release of As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 11. This edition contains fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork from more than nearly fifty writers, poets, and artists. Quite a few of them are being published for their first time. Several have undergone a revision process with our editorial team aimed at refining their work and learning more about their respective crafts. 

Our audience can learn something from this volume as well. These works delve deeply not only into what military service means for service members and their families, but also into the reverberations of world events and wars that ripple across generations and national borders. Pieces range from the recollections of the daughter of a Holocaust survivor to exploring the experience of Vietnamese refugees, from a soldier’s work details in Iraq to the lasting impact of the Battle of Britain on a Spitfire pilot, encompassing more than a hundred years of military-related experience among individuals of more than a half-dozen nationalities. The common thread running through these selections is that their respective creators have crafted in-depth, intimate portraits of the human condition through which all can learn valuable insights. 

We invite you to read through As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 11 and share this edition widely. Thank you!