The Blue Falcon Review, Vol. 1

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In fall 2012, Military Experience and the Arts recruited the acclaimed military fiction author and former US Army paratrooper Daniel Buckman to lead an experimental online writing workshop.The participants, representing eras of service spanning the last half of a century, were asked to submit story drafts and ideas. Based upon the nature of these submissions and the questions that presented themselves in the workshop, Dan and his associate editor, USMC veteran and author Jerad W. Alexander, developed exercises and a process that would lead to a top-notch military fiction publication: The Blue Falcon Review. This first edited collection of twelve short stories features works by established and first time authors, each exploring a different facet of military life through fiction.

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Front Matter & Table of Contents

Between the Feet
— Levi Bollinger

The Afghan Blood House
— Gabriel A. Tolliver

— Elisha Joseph

The Woman in the Jungle
— Michael FitzGordan

— Travis L. Martin

Words on a Wall
— Rod Merkley

Drugs Away
— Michael Lund

FOB Thunder, Afghanistan
— Dylan M. Reyes-Cairo

Going Down
— Joseph Hankinson

Cold Day in Bridgewater
— Jerad W. Alexander

Colors of the Country
— Gene Hines

First Patrol
— Michael P. Lambert

Artist Bio and Table of Artwork
— Tif Holmes