The Journal of Military Experience, Vol. 2

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The second volume of The Journal of Military Experience brought together the works of 53 artists, authors, poets, and scholars interested in teaching the world about the nature and consequence of military service, facilitating a dialogue that can bridge the gap between civilians and those who serve. Continuing the work that began with student veterans at Eastern Kentucky University in 2011, JME 2 expanded its outreach to include veterans from throughout the United States and researchers from throughout the world. Editors worked one-on-one with veterans from conflicts spanning the last half of a century to produce a fine collection of prose, poetry, and artwork. The scholarship deals with issues related to veterans in higher education, literary analyses, and the role of arts education among deployed troops. While expanding in range and scope, the JME remains focused upon being the blank page or canvas that veterans can turn to for help when they want to express themselves on their own terms.

Download this volume as a PDF here.

View creative works individually through the Eastern Kentucky University Library here.

View scholarly works individually through the Eastern Kentucky University Library here.

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