The Residue of Trauma – Rachel McWilliams

The Residue of Trauma

is the fear of the unknown and unexpected
the loss of sleep and days without rest,
fractured friendships and relationships,
failed marriages mourned.
It is the disconnection from reality and those we love.
It is the worry, anxiety, shame, and overwhelming fear,
confusion, thoughts “unbecoming” and the forgotten.
It is self-medication and addiction.
It is self-hurt and blame,
anger, and outbursts delivered,
unanswered prayers, broken promises, tears fallen,
unreliable treatments, prescriptions, side effects,
dreams destroyed.
The residue is in the sounds, smells, visions, feelings
haunting what sleep we find.
It is the blackouts and time lost,
the battles to achieve independence and self-sufficiency,
the fight to remember and the fight to forget