“The Soldier”

Volume 8 | Spring 2018

by Tammy Watson

War is never easy
But defending this country makes us proud
We are soldiers that love this land
Our hearts beat strong and loud

They are all very proud of their fighting soldiers
And the bravery that we show
They try to be strong as we say our goodbyes
But the hardest thing is letting us go

Our families try not to worry
And we are not afraid to die
But if we should give all and don’t come home
Please hold them when they cry

Protesters gather and waive their signs
Because of the sacrifices of those gone before
Standing in freedoms streets, they burn our flag
As we go off to war

Battle is not easy and it breaks our heart
The loss of the innocent, our only regret
No one sees what we do, when we close our eyes
Because we can never forget

Next time you see those Colors pass
Remember this, our plea
Spend a moment of silence to remember the soldier
As because of the Brave you are Free