“The Price of Freedom”

Artist: Phyllis Miller
Title: “The Price of Freedom”
Size: 36” x 48”
Medium: Acrylic and oil on canvas
Description: “The Price of Freedom” is a depiction of two segments within our society. The top of the painting depicts an everyday scene in the US, with people relaxing and having fun under blue skies and soft clouds. The bottom portion depicts the military, people who either paid the ultimate price for our freedoms or who are walking among us living in agony from the nightmarish experiences they underwent in our name. Overall, the painting serves as a tribute to veterans and the military community and honors their sacrifices for God and Country.
As an artist I seek to evoke the senses, ignite reflection, and create a bond within our community of man. I am known for my art series, “Vibrant Nature and Universe Sensations”, a celebration of nature and its grace. “The Price of Freedom” evokes the voices of veterans and the military family, a community of our society that stands ready to embrace all ills of the world, and upon their return attempt to heal the mind, body, and soul through art.