by Michael Hegeman

Heroes know no fear
As we trample the cannon-blasted bodies of our foes.
Charging, charging, the thunder of hooves.

Form up!
Brave warriors cheer and seek glory
As we taunt an enemy of superior numbers.
Trembling, trembling, the tautness of nerves.

Fight on!
Champions challenge both God and Fate
As we attempt to repel wave after wave … after wave.
Falling, falling, the collapse of the line.

Cowards know no courage
As they cravenly cower in shameful fear.
Running, running, the slap of bare flesh.

Stalwarts, stout-hearts remain
As we stand, back-to-back, encircled, alone.
Dying, dying, the curses of ghosts.

Defeat is not final
Until the last man falls …