As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 10

Spring 2019 | ISSN: 2374-3816


Platoon Leader” by Daniel Taylor

Medevac” by Craig Sterling

As You Were” by John Darcy

The Lavender Tea” by Tina Lampman

A Short Flight” by Michael Ley

The First Fighter Pilot” by Bruce Herzfelder

Deadlined” by Michael Farwig

Still Alive” by Richard Alexander

No” by Michael Mann

Ten Years” by Alec Emmert


Dear US Army” by Nadine Gallo

The Gas Chamber” by Donna Zephrine

Bombed at Pearl Harbor” by B.A. Van Sise

First Time to the Wall” by Ann Casapini

Door Gunner for a Day” by William Gritzbaugh

Stevie” by R.B. Breese

The President’s Man” by Charles Heusel

Operation Black Widow Spider” by Jack E. Riggs

He Saved My Life” by Benjamin Fine

The Gas Mask Tent” by Steven Miller


Directions” by Bryan Daniel

A Villanelle for Dead Soldiers, in Response to Hearing Multiple Memorial Day Speeches” by Paul David Adkins

The Long Gray Lie” by Michael McAndrew

Left Unspoken” by Geoffrey Munga

Reunion” by Larry Thacker

Too Easy” by Timothy Gerken

Untitled by Robert A. Garofalo, Jr.

Golden Anniversary Mugging” by Gerard Sarnat

Patch” by Tony Daly

Glorious! Victorious!” by Timothy Russow, Jr.

on patrol” by Andrew Lafleche

The Marine” by Nicholas McGaughey

What Us Two Veterans Thought We Should Be Doing Every Day” by Alan Yount

We Rise” by Rachel Waldo

Unstoppable” by Tony Craidon

Tangled in the Vines” by Christopher P. Wilson


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David Ervin

Managing Editor – Fiction
Daniel Buckman

Managing Editor – Non-Fiction
Brian Mockenhaupt

Poetry Editor
Randy Brown

Associate Editors
Susannah Nesmith
Ray McPadden
Sarah Maples
Tony Daly


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