“War Sees No Color”

by Donna Zephrine

(“War Sees No Color” mobile version)

War sees no color
When I was with my company we all were the same color
Camouflage brown and light brown
We were all one unit working together for a common purpose
It did not matter if you were white, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, or African-American 
all that  was important was you do your job 
You felt comfortable 
I finally was not a minority
We were all in a foreign land which brought us closer as a group
Became family
Followed orders protected your neighbor no matter what their race
One of my colleagues was an ex-KKK member
But at war none of that even mattered
He had my back and I had his
It was us against them
War can also open your eyes to what is important
He was remorseful for his past actions
War made him realize the value of life
Only in war could he imagine being around people of color
Having to protect them and work with them
War brought us together
Creating bonds you could never form in everyday life
War is not concerned about race, religion or gender
It was work together or die alone
Be all that you can be 
Never leave a fallen comrade
Leave no man behind
Always place the mission first 
War sees no color