As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 8

Spring 2018 | ISSN: 2374-3816




Why Does the Night, Last So Long” by Alan Yount

Stop the Clocks” by Ann Casapini

An Animal Resembling Desire” by Sergio Oritz

Unquenchable” by Maryrose Carroll

Counting the Casualties” by Lisa Stice

In the Light” by Marilyn Johnston

The Spirit of the Bayonet” by Bruce Richardson

Father’s Face” by Mark McCreary

Daddy” by Thomasi McDonald

Phone Call from Montana” by David Vancil

The Soldier” by Tammy Watson

Care Package Poem” by Kelly Sullivan

The Navy Wife” by Jane Fitzgerald

Chiaroscuro: Homecoming” by Dennis Underwood

Refueling” by Tara Garcia

Duffel Bag” by Dennis Trujillo

With a Smile” by Cecilia Y. Maiden

Human Intelligence” by Julia Grimm Naumkin

Cost” by Jason Arment

Family Bleeds First” by Gerard Sarnat

Sestina on a Glove” by Marjorie Stamm Rosenfeld

Ticonderoga No. 2” by Patrick Walsh

The Man Who Applied for Veterans Benefits” by Jimmy Pappas

The Midwatch” by Jason Moore

Greatness” by Leonard Black

The Lion’s Breath” by Dan Lucas

Incoming” by Kenneth Roy

Red Laser” by Ben White




The Red” by Amie Charney

June 6th” by Irving A. Greenfield

What Else Is There?” by Ryan Stovall

Dream Merchant” by Colin Sargent

Eleven Steps” by Nelson McKeeby

Convergence on the Strand” by Frank Light

Blue” by John Melton

Grounded” by Marine Yanikian-Sutton

The Essence of Whizzer” by Timothy Sever

The Lost Boy” by Caitlyn McPherson

Hold Me” by Tony Craidon

Corporal Denison – 067” by Ken Sabatier

Flying in Formation” by Kenneth Roy

Patriotism” by John M. Burman




The Existential Boatswain’s Mate” by Urban Novak

Unsolid Ground” by Jennifer Roberts

Black Hat” by Jocelyn Corbin

The Back Door” by Sheryl Fuller

A Hero at Ease” by Wendy Godwin

Philemon Fails” by Bryce Piper

Basic Training, 1960” by David Gardner

Frag Out” by Diane Van Hook

Learning Korean” by Charles Heusel

When the Sky Fell at Ha Thanh” by William Gritzbaugh

10 Things My Father Taught Me For My 10th Birthday” by Jessica Granger

Rules: Damn Rules and Blessed Rules” by Jack E. Riggs

Jerry Garcia” by Antony Daly







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Managing Editor – Non-Fiction
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