As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 9

Autumn 2018 | ISSN: 2374-3816



Dirt Man” by A. Elizabeth Herting

Meal, Combat, Individual” by Lawrence Morgan

Day One” by Robert J. Mendenhall

Safe at Home” by Steven Miller

Service” by Aramis Calderon

Hanging Up Is Hard to Do” by Jessica Manchester-Sanchez

Anatomy of a Scream” by Christopher Overfelt

Scare in the Air” by Judith Clayman

An Exercise in Discipline” by Rodney Norman

Night Mission” by Michael Jennings

Losing Friends” by Ryan Stovall

Nga Means Beautiful Girl” by Jim Hasse

Walking Point with a Short Stick” by Ken Roy



The Abyss Stares Back” by Glenn Petersen

Veteran in You” by Mary Kinard

Coming Home” by Steven Miller

Music” by Ron Riekki

The Rocket Man of Iwo Jima” by Patricia Hamilton

The Siamese Fighting Fish” by Tina Lampman

¡Viva La Gloria!” by Craig Velez

The Night I Invaded Canada” by Joel Brender

Blue World” by Joel Brender

Check. Your Move, Boredom” by Daniel Hurley

Love, Jake” by Nicki Shellenberger Lies

Quiet City” by Byron Breese


Maneuvering an Army” by Faith Harron

Texas Boys” by Bryan Daniel

For My Father” by Michael McAndrew

Sabre Rattling” by Andrew Thornebrooke

Not Every Port is Friendly” by Daniel Edward Moore

I Don’t Need Your Permission” by Merci McKinley

The Battle” by Stephanie A. Inman

KBR Detail” by Ashely Romero

Metal Rain” by Ken Roy

Downtime” by Andrew Calin

His Touch” by Ben Weise

Storm-Tossed” by Edward Ahern

Normandy” by Nicholas Stamates

Visitor” by Dennis Underwood

Outside the National Cemetery” by Han-Jae Lee

Managing Editor – Fiction
Daniel Buckman

Managing Editor – Non-Fiction
Brian Mockenhaupt

Poetry Editor
Randy Brown

Associate Editors
Susannah Nesmith
Antony Daly

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