As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 1

GreyAs You Were | ISSN 2374-3816 | Fall 2014

“As You Were,” three words spoken quickly by non-commissioned and commissioned officers who choose to drop rank and get to business, is meant to put troops “at ease.” Military Experience & the Arts, in its singular, collaborative approach to publishing, has long sought to provide an atmosphere in which veterans and their loved ones can feel “at ease” when expressing themselves. Our title also connotes a hearkening back, an exploration of the self and the past. The words and works of art below represent authors and artists brave enough to cut through rank and time, presenting military experience honestly, helping generations of veterans feel “at ease” knowing they are not alone.

All files are open-access, available in both PDF and HTML formats below. Please share!


“The Tower” by Yadira Guthrie – PDF | HTML

“Taps for Sergeant Halder” by Steve Smith – PDF | HTML 

“Barking in the Wind” by Dennis Underwood – PDF | HTML

“Preserving Our Family’s Stories” by Nancy DeCesare – PDF | HTML


“Stories” by David P. Ervin – PDF | HTML

“Animals” by David P. Ervin – PDF | HTML

“Straw Dogs” by Christopher Clow – PDF | HTML

“Between the Feet” by Levi Bollinger – PDF | HTML


“Knife” by Farzana Marie – PDF | HTML

“VETERANS” by Peter Ireland – PDF | HTML

“Afghan Dust” by Zachary Willey – PDF | HTML

“The Eagle Cried” by Richard Turton – PDF | HTML

“Cycle of Operations” by Joseph Sellman – PDF | HTML

“From Rhodesia to Zimbabwe” by Ian Foulkes – PDF | HTML

“The Residue of Trauma” by Rachel McWilliams – PDF | HTML

“Second Generation PTSD” by Mary Julia Klimenko – PDF | HTML

“Childhood Psychology of Militaristic Ascent” by David S. Pointer – PDF | HTML


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