Blue Nostalgia: A Journal of Post-Traumatic Growth, Vol. 2

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Blue Nostalgia | ISSN: 2332-0788 | Vol. 2  | Summer 2015 

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Introduction: After You Break by David Chrisinger

The $300,000 Man by Jonathan Silk

Everyday Danger: War Trauma, in the Absence of Drama by Glenn Petersen

Grief and Rising by Julie Smoot

Iambic Pentameter and the Meter of War by Diane Cameron

Post-Traumatic Growth by James Heavy Hackbarth

21 Days in Herat by Bill Blaikie

Musings on Running and Coming Home from War by Anonymous

Poetry as Catharsis by Jesse Frewerd

I’ll Just Keep Walking by Deborah Martin

Walking off the War by David Chrisinger

Should Have Been You by Joseph Stanfill

New Realities by Jim Tritten

Tell Your Story, Tell it Well by Christian Nooney

Another Day, Another Walk by Chase Vuchetich

My Dank, Nasty Stairwell by Joseph Miller

Afterword by Joseph Stanfill

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Blue Nostalgia Editorial Team

David P. Ervin
Managing Editor
David Chrisinger
Associate Editors
Josef Nix
Joseph Stanfill
Director of the Veterans PTSD Project
Joseph Stanfill

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