Military Experience and the Arts is proud to announce the release of As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 10. This edition contains fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork from three dozen writers, poets, and artists. Quite a few of them are being published for their first time. Several have undergone a revision process with our editorial team aimed at refining their work and learning more about their respective crafts.

Our audience can learn something from this edition as well. These works delve deeply into our wars, our service, and our lives at home. They explore the thoughts of Gold Star families, the wives of combat veterans, and the veterans themselves. The range of pieces covers  more than a hundred years of military experience. You will find people with whom you have much in common and others from which you can gain insight into new perspectives.

We invite you to read through Volume 10 and share this edition widely. Thank you!

Link: As You Were: The Military Review, Vol. 10


Do you want your work featured in an edition of As You Were? Interested in learning more about the craft? Our submissions for Volume 11 will run from July 1, 2019 to August 1, 2019.  Please see our Submissions page for more information.

Release of BLUE NOSTALGIA, Vol. 4

MEA is proud to present a new edition of Blue Nostalgia: A Journal of Post-Traumatic Growth, our fourth installment of the title. Blue Nostalgia is a unique publication in that it contains stories of veterans’ and family members’ stories of how they face the challenges of post-traumatic stress as well has how they grow in spite it – or even because of it.

Volume 4 contains works from the perspective of family members of WWII veterans as well as from Vietnam and  Cold War veterans. They have in common the bravery to share their deeply personal  stories in order to educate the public and let other veterans and families know that they are not alone.

Read Blue Nostalgia: A Journal of Post-Traumatic Growth, Vol. 4 by clicking on the titles in this post or by navigating drop down menu under “Publications.”

Cover image: “Where to Go From Here,” woodcut print by Brandie Dziegiel