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Editor’s Note 

They came from all places and from all backgrounds. Each came for his or her own reasons to serve a shared purpose. They brought their unique perspectives with them, too. We were a melting pot, and what we imparted upon one another in terms of experience and ways of seeing the world has made us better human beings.

While I could be referring to military service, instead I am discussing the poets, writers, and artists that came together to produce this volume. Our contributors come from all walks of life – even from beyond the grave. Dillion Naslund penned “Once Again to Be a Little Boy” months before he ended his life after a long battle with post-traumatic stress. But, he left a small part of himself with us before departing. This collection of voices and visions come together to paint a richly complex portrait of the human condition in a military context. We are honored to share them with you. We hope you’re intrigued, touched, and even moved. Above all, we hope you enjoy.

David P. Ervin
April 29, 2015


Once Again to Be a Little Boy” by Dillion Naslund

Anguish” by Glenn Roesener

Grunt” by John Saylor

The RPG” by Andrew Jones

Façade” by Dennis Underwood

Gingko Tree” by Dennis Underwood

Five-Hour Energy” by Larissa Douglass

Holographic Angel” by Barbara Harsh

Many Minutes” by Ryan Barry

Quetiapine Me a Lullaby” by Travis L. Martin


 “A Memory of Gentleness” by Paul Roberts

Trim the Fat” by Greg White

The Arrival” by Eric Hannel

89 Cents” by Dustin Strong

I Honor You” by Sharon Robino-West


Strays” by Jerad Alexander

Another Realm” by Khanh Ha

The Fourth Floor” by Travis Switalski, Sr.

The Ladder Climb by Tenley Lozano


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David P. Ervin
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